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Issue: TAGBODY-CONTENTS (Version 4)

The acceptability of the proposal might improve with some rewording, e.g.,
expressing it as a constraint on GO instead of on TAGBODY.

For example:

A TAGBODY's body consists of arbitrary data elements with arbitrary
duplications. Elements that are lists (CONSP) are evaluated in
left-to-write order. Any other elements are ignored by TAGBODY. However,
GO is only legal when given a symbol or integer. The results of executing
GO when there is more than one instance of the same (EQL) symbol or integer
at the top level of any TAGBODY are unspecified.


(TAGBODY 3.4 4.5 (print "hi there"))

is legal, although useless just as (PROGN 3.4 4.5 (print "hi there")) might