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Issue: STREAM-INFO (Version 6)

    Date: 30 Nov 88 18:10 PST
    From: masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    We have not yet responded to RWK's comment, viz "Want less generic names.
    eg, maybe STREAM-xxx". 

    What do you think about STREAM-LINE-WIDTH, STREAM-WRITE-SPACE, etc?

I don't really like the STREAM-xxx but can live with it as a compromise if it
will get this thing passed.

STREAM-LINE-WIDTH is ok with me.

STREAM-WRITE-SPACE seems redundant since WRITE is already a stream operation.
 I guess I'd prefer just WRITE-SPACE.

LINE-POSITION could be STREAM-LINE-POSITION, conforming to the STREAM-xxx idea.

PRINTED-WIDTH is misleadingly named (in my opinion) because the function PRINT
 is not involved. Since I think STREAM-WRITTEN-WIDTH looks a little weird,
 I guess I'd like something like STREAM-STRING-WIDTH better.