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Issue: STREAM-INFO (Version 6)

      Return-Path: <masinter.pa@xerox.com>
      Date: 30 Nov 88 18:10 PST
      From: masinter.pa@xerox.com
      Subject: Issue: STREAM-INFO (Version 6)
      To: cl-cleanup@sail.stanford.edu
      Cc: dick@wheaties.ai.mit.edu (Richard C. Waters)
      Reply-To: cl-cleanup@sail.stanford.edu
      Cc: Masinter.pa@xerox.com

      Issue:        STREAM-INFO

      We have not yet responded to RWK's comment, viz "Want less generic names.
      eg, maybe STREAM-xxx". 

      What do you think about STREAM-LINE-WIDTH, STREAM-WRITE-SPACE, etc?
Prefixing the names with "STREAM-" is fine with me.