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Issue: TEST-NOT-IF-NOT (Version 3)

I would like the ballot query on this to make it clear that among
the things people might vote is

 ``Yes, if you change "REMOVE" to "DEPRECATE" and define the
   term "DEPRECATE" in a way that permits the retention of these
   primitives for the near term with intent to phase them out

You may want to create a small separate blurb on what deprecation is
about to accompany the issue writeups, and then have the voting
instructions for particular issues refer people to the fact that
such a change might make the issue palatable to them.

Alternatively, we could include full writeups on additional options
such as DEPRECATE-ALL,etc. so that people didn't have to think up
the idea on their own. Although procedurally that sounds like more
work, if there is any chance that this issue will fail for lack
of having done so, I think it would be worth the work.