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Macros expanding into declarations

I wish to register my disappointment at the decision of the cleanup committee
to flush the capability of macros to expand into declarations.  I seem to
remember that not so long ago there was a great deal of exchange on this topic
on the common-lisp mailing list, and the outcome was that it was OK for macros
to expand into declarations (but not into documentation strings).  Using that
as a justification, I went ahead and implemented PARSE-BODY with this in mind,
as well as insuring that both the interpreter and the compiler supported this
as well.  
Now you tell me that you have changed your minds, and that macros may no longer
expand into declarations.  I don't think this is fair.  Maybe you shouldn't
have dropped PARSE-BODY as an issue either, but that's another issue.  I recall
that various kinds of declaration-generating forms needed this capability.
Why have youse done this?