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Re: Issue: REMF-MULTIPLE (Version 1)

In reviewing the issues, I've forgotten why we let this one slip, except
exhaustion.  The issue was "The descriptions of REMF and REMPROP are not
explicit about what happens in the case that a duplicated indicator occurs
on the plist. One or both indicators might be removed."

I would favor a proposal that said that REMF, GETF when dealing with lists
that act as property lists act on the first element that they find, and
that duplicate elements are allowed.

This is consistent with Moon's assertion:

"The only thing that CLtL pages 163-167 says about duplicated indicators on
plists is that there aren't any (first line on page 164).  Contrary to what
I thought, it does not even guarantee that GETF returns the first

If we're going to extend Common Lisp to allow duplicated indicators on
plists, we should do it for all the property list functions, not just REMF

but not with the conclusion we reached based on it.

Maybe I'm asking for trouble re-raising issues at this late date. I'll put
this on the list of "Issues not resolved"