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Re: Moon's silence

    Date: 9 Dec 88 10:44 PST
    From: masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    I think I should broadcast a caveat to X3J13 about the "From: CL-CLEANUP"
    header on on the issues? A number of them have had last-minute changes with
    no review, and I know Kent has been on vacation, too.

Not a bad idea.  It doesn't need to be real strong, just a remark that some
of them have had last-minute changes with no review.

    I didn't mean to disenfranchise anyone, but I'm going on vacation next week
    until after new years, and we need to get things out for voting in January,
    even if they need amendments there.

I didn't mean to sound like I thought I was disenfranchised.  My inability to
keep up is no raeson to hold up the process.  I really appreciate the amount
of time you've put into this and only wish I could do a better job of holding
up my own end.