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Issue: TAILP-NIL (Version 5)

re: . . . (EQ is only
    in Common Lisp as a concession to implementors who haven't figured out
    how to implement EQL efficiently (it isn't hard), or hadn't figured it
    out yet in 1984).

Hmmm, I may remember something similar said in the late 1960's or very
early 1970's about why EQ was still in the language -- but back then,
the contender was EQUAL rather than EQL.  Plus ca change . . . maybe
there is a more fundamental reason than incompotent implementors.  Like,
maybe some folks implement their memory management systems in Lisp, and
are reluctant to give up all user-accessibility to this historic, object
identity function?

But that's just a conjecture.  I really don't know why (and don't
particularly care why) EQ persists.

-- JonL --