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Issue: PACKAGE-DELETION (Version 5)

   Posted-Date: Thu, 15 Dec 88 14:39:13 PST
   Date: Thu, 15 Dec 88 14:39:13 PST
   From: Jon L White <jonl@lucid.com>
   re:	  After this operation completes, the contents of the symbol-package  
	     slot of any symbol homed in the deleted package is unspecified; ...

       symbol S homed in pkg P == (eq P (symbol-package S)) ?

   A symbol's "home" package is defined to be the contents of its
   symbol-package cell.  See CLtL p.175 (about middle of page).

I guess I should have been more carefull in my statement.  The problem I
was raising is that being "homed" is a satement about the symbol-package of
a symbol (and the fact that "homed" is slang), and stating that
(symbol-package x) being the deleted package and being undefined is
contradictory.  The fact that you are stating something about the (previous)
state of the symbol-packge, and that kill-package may (or may not) change
the symbol-package was being muddled.  In retrospect it was undoubtedly
obvious to everybody what the statement meant.