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Issue GC-MESSAGES (Version 2)

I still think that focussing on GC messages is wrong, and instead there
should be a form that disables unsolicited typeout in general,
regardless of its source.  Of course in some operating systems it might
be impossible to disable some forms of unsolicited typeout, and in other
operating systems unsolicited typeout might not exist (that is,
asynchronous messages might always come out in a separate window).
Thus this facility would just do the best effort appropriate for
the particular implementation.

I think there should be a stream argument, since there might be more
than one possible place for unsolicited typeout.  In other words, 
(WITHOUT-UNSOLICITED-OUTPUT (<stream>) <body>...) means that the output
send by <body> to <stream> should appear as a unit, without other
unsolicited output interspersed with it.

I don't think your :VERBOSE T option to encourage unsolicited typeout
is needed.