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Re: Issue GC-MESSAGES (Version 2)

    I still think that focussing on GC messages is wrong, and instead there
    should be a form that disables unsolicited typeout in general,
    regardless of its source.  Of course in some operating systems it might
    be impossible to disable some forms of unsolicited typeout, and in other
    operating systems unsolicited typeout might not exist (that is,
    asynchronous messages might always come out in a separate window).
    Thus this facility would just do the best effort appropriate for
    the particular implementation.
I agree in general.  I further think that the cleanest way to handle
the problem is by having all such output be signalled.  There is then
a well-defined, portable way for a user to intercept any desired
messages and deal with them in any way.  Now that we have a condition
system, this approach seems much cleaner than another set of ad-hoc
keywords, wrapper forms, functions, etc.

This is the approach I'm pushing for compiler messages in the compiler
committee, but it doesn't seem to be getting very far.