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Re: Issue: PATHNAME-EXTENSIONS (Version 1)

>   Clarify that COMMON-PATHNAME-P considers a pathname's host field
>   to fit the Common Lisp pathname model if the filler of the host
>   field is a string (naming a host), and not otherwise.
... etc.

Rather than talk about the "fields" of a pathname, I think it would be
better to talk about the value returned by the standard accessor
functions.  For example, in proposal PATHNAME-SUBDIRECTORY-LIST, you
suggested that an implementation could use a non-standard representation
internally so long as the function PATHNAME-DIRECTORY returned the
standard representation.  Thus, we could say:

  Clarify that COMMON-PATHNAME-P returns true if PATHNAME-HOST will
  return a string, and NIL if PATHNAME-HOST will return something else.