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re: I have a problem with version 2 because I don't think anything requires
    get-dispatch-macro-character to return the same function on successive
    calls even with the same readtable (provided the functions returned are
    equivalent). As such, the example is inappropriate where it uses ASSERT
    and EQ.

There is no "Examples" section in this proposal -- perhaps you meant
"Test Case"?  As such, it's clear that the test case can only be
applied to implementations where GET-MACRO-CHARACTER returns the same 
thing between two successive calls which don't modify the table.  

It would be hard to imagine writing a test case where you had to solve 
the Turing Machine Halting problem first.  Determining whether two 
function objects (i.e. functions as returned by GET-MACRO-CHARACTER) 
define the same mathematical function is equivalent to the Halting 

-- JonL --