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Issue: PACKAGE-CLUTTER (Version 6)

[lmm: I've been folding short comments into my Issue status file, but this
one is too long.]

 This leaves implementations freedom to hack any properties other than
 those in the LISP, KEYWORD, and USER packages.  In fact, though, the
 user should probably also have rights over the system in packages he

 This will be an incompatible change -- possibly a major one -- for
 Genera, which uses properties named by keywords and by symbols in the
 LISP package. However, we think the change is worthwhile.

 In general, Genera tries not to distinguish "the system" from "the user".
 Anything the system is permitted to do, the user is permitted to do.
 As such, we feel a little odd about placing restrictions on the system
 which are not likewise placed on the user. In fact, if the system can
 cause problems in this way, the user can, too. This proposal is only 
 heuristic. We're voting "Yes" because it's probably a change for the
 better. But we won't be surprised if ultimately it is not seen to be
 the right way to achieve the high-level goal.

 LEXICAL, TYPE, INLINE, NOTINLINE, and FTYPE proclamations should be
 explicitly ruled out (just as SPECIAL is) except that TYPE is allowed
 if it's a CL variable, and FTYPE, INLINE, and NOTINLINE are allowed
 if it's a CL function.

 The DECLARATION proclamation probably be explicitly allowed (because 
 we see no reason not to permit it).