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I'd like to see the following changes to the proposal:

a) I don't like saying that the effect of adjusting an array which "is not
adjustable" is not defined. I don't see any reason not to say that it
signals an error. 

b) I like defining clearly that "is not adjustable" means
"ADJUSTABLE-ARRAY-P returns false", and clarifying that MAKE-ARRAY may
return an adjustable array even if the :ADJUSTABLE array is given NIL.

c) I would like to say that either all arrays are adjustable, or else only
those that are specified with :ADJUSTABLE true, and that a conformal
implementation will document which behavior it uses.

d) Rename the proposal name from "STATUS-QUO" to "MAY-BE-ADJUSTABLE" and
change  "Document clearly" to "Specify". 

Is this OK?