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I have not heard back from Joe Ginder on this issue. Does anyone else want
to pursue this? Otherwise it will be dropped. (I personally would just as
well see it dropped at this time.)

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Date: 12 Dec 88 10:08 PST
 From: masinter.pa
Subject: Re: discussion of Moon's comments re: ELIMINATE-FORCED-CONSING
In-reply-to: trwrb!smpvax1!jrg@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU's message of Tue, 6 Sep
 88 15:38:22 PDT
To: trwrb!smpvax1!jrg@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU
cc: cl-cleanup@sail.stanford.edu


On 6 Sept 88 you said, in response to a critique from Moon. "I'll submit a
modified proposal for discussion."

There were some subsequent comments on the cl-cleanup mailing list, and
we've not heard back from you. The January 1989 meeting is fast
approaching; we don't have a new writeup on this issue to mail out in
advance; if we don't hear from you, we will not have a new version to bring
there either.

Please reply if you get this note (to cl-cleanup@sail.stanford.edu), about
your plans with respect to this issue.

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