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re: Issue: PEEK-CHAR-READ-CHAR-ECHO (Version 3)


The proposal only implies that PEEK-CHAR is no longer equivalent to
READ-CHAR followed by UNREAD-CHAR when the stream in question is stream
created by MAKE-ECHO-STREAM. Certainly for any other stream, a string
stream, and any other stream that doesn't have ECHO behavior, PEEK-CHAR
could be implemented by READ-CHAR followed by UNREAD-CHAR. It probably
implies that synonym streams should "pass on" the PEEK-CHAR operation, and
that concatenated streams should also do so, but I'd be suprised if many
implementations didn't already do that.

This proposal does *not* necessarily affect what *TERMINAL-IO* does; only
with streams created by MAKE-ECHO-STREAM. 

FYI, hardcopy & online versions have the typo "echos" fixed. Are there