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Re: Issue: DECLARE-TYPE-FREE (Version 9)

> re: I'd like to see the writeup make it clear that the following is subsumed;
>       . . . 
> I don't think it is subsumed.  The various versions of DECLARE-TYPE-FREE
> permitted an inner nested declaration to be merely overlapping with
> an outer declaration; but Gray's proposal requires local (read: "inner")
> declarations to be subtypes of the global proclamations (read: "outter")

I don't think it is subsumed, but not for that reason.   The treatment
of overlapping declarations is intended to be consistent; but
DECLARE-TYPE-FREE still makes no mention of type proclamations.  Also,
the proposal section of DECLARE-TYPE-FREE seems to have lost a clear
definition of the semantics of overlapping declarations, although it is
clarified in the discussion section.  The proposal needs to explicitly
say that nested type declarations combine rather than being shadowed.