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Issue: CLOS-CONDITIONS (Version 3)

re: BTW, if you want a concise version of my rational for B over A its:

     "The best argument for adding list function specifiers to the
      language was to avoid the problems caused by automaticall
      creating and interning symbols.  That argument must also be
      strong to eliminate automatically generated symbols from

Agreed.  At Lucid, we have had bug reports (as well as confusion
reports?)  due to the symbol-concing nature of DEFINE-CONDITION.  We've
perpretated a "50%" fix, and declined to do a "90%" fix on the theory
that when conditions become classes, the need for symbol concing will be
gone.  Let it be gone, even at the expense of a minor incompatibility
with "old" error syntax.  [After all, this "old" error system is "brand
new" to almost all CL users; and many of those using it are aware that
the current implementations may change slightly when the final ANSI
standard is published).

-- JonL --