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amendments to already passed issues

We should be discussing this under separate headings for
each issue, but in the meantime I couldn't resist offering
my opinions.

    Date: Fri, 10 Mar 89 18:22:09 EST
    From: Guy Steele <gls@Think.COM>

    (1) SYMBOL-MACROLET-SEMANTICS did not address the question of how
	symbol macros interact with *MACROEXPAND-HOOK*.  

I agree with your proposal.

    (2) SYMBOL-MACROLET-SEMANTICS should perhaps also specify that
	PSETQ of a symbol-macro symbol behaves like PSETF.

Agreed.   This is already implied by the way CLtL describes PSETQ, but
it's better to be explicit so the functionality is not accidentally lost
during editorial work to improve the wording ("x is just like y except"
is not such a great way to write a standard).

    (3) The LOOP Facility has an inconsistency in its examples.
	Under the description of WITH it shows the use of AND as
	    (LOOP WITH binding AND WITH binding AND WITH binding  body)
	but in the discussion of destructuring an example reads
	    (LOOP WITH binding AND binding AND binding body)
	The formal syntax for WITH prescribes that the word WITH should
	*not* be reiterated (but note that the specification of
	FOR/AS prescribes that FOR or AS *should* be written again--
	possibly mixing them?)
	I propose that, for consistency with FOR/AS, the formal syntax
	of WITH be changed to require the word WITH to be reiterated,
	and that the examples be changed to match.

The word should not be reiterated in either case.  I think this was
one of the many comments I offered on the LOOP proposal last year,
but apparently it did not sink in.

    (4) SUBTYPEP-TOO-VAGUE lists three rules....

This is too complicated for me to offer a knee-jerk opinion.

	list, but not SHORT-FLOAT or LONG-FLOAT.
	I propose to add SHORT-FLOAT, LONG-FLOAT, and RATIONAL to the list.

I strongly agree.

I'm glad -somebody- is double-checking already passed issues.  Also I'm
glad that -you- are.