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RE: Cleanup Issue Status

I have finally gotten around to reconciling your errata list from my status
list. Our differences are now:

> >Version 3, 13-Jan-89
> >Status: passed, Jan 89 X3J13
> I believe this one was amended.

-- I have no amendments marked. Do you know what the amendment was?

> >Synopsis: what happens if you redefine a DEFSTRUCT?
> >Version 3, 6-Feb-89
> >Status: Passed (as amended) Jan 89 X3J13
> I don't have this one marked as amended.

-- Version 3 is the "amended" version, and was distributed after X3J13.

> >Version 1, 5-Oct-88
> >Comments: should just signal different errors?
> >Status: withdrawn
> I marked this as tabled.
-- I know no-one who intends to raise it. Maybe KMP's error signalling
proposal? I'll check.

> >Synopsis: Add :RECYCLE or :MODIFY to some sequence fns,
> >Version 3, 31-Aug-88
> >Status: withdrawn
> I marked this as tabled.

-- No, I think we all thought this was a bad idea after all.

> >Synopsis: specify that ~F rounds up
> >Version 1, 5-Oct-88
> >Status: withdrawn
> I marked this as tabled.

-- This was your issue originally. JonL said: "However, both Moon and I
seemed to prefer not trying to specify something in the standard for the
case this issue is addressing." and there was no dissent. Do you want to
re-raise it?

> >Synopsis: Add new functions
> >Version 5, 10-Feb-89 
> >Status: Passed (as amended) Jan 89 X3J13
> I know this is picky, but I thought it was decided to fail this one
> completely and amend TEST-NOT-IF-NOT (I believe that was the related
> issue).

-- you may be right. I wish we had minutes. I guess I'll stick by my
summary unless I hear otherwise.

> >Version 3, 8-Oct-88, Released 8 Oct 88
> >Synopsis:  PEEK-CHAR, READ-CHAR on streams made by MAKE-ECHO-STREAM
> >Status: Passed, Jan 89 X3J13
> I have this marked as amended. 

-- I have no amendments made at the meeting. Do you?

> >Synopsis: TRACE should signal errors if it doesn't understand
> >Version 1, 20-Jun-88
> >Comments: is this a cleanup?
> >Status: withdrawn
> I marked this as tabled.

-- I don't have anyone willing to bring it up.