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Re: issue PROCLAIM-LEXICAL (Version 9)

> The last version of PROCLAIM-LEXICAL I have is Version 9, which was
> distributed before the Hawaii meeting. There were the various comments on
> Version 9, amendments proposed but not passed, and, more recently, mail
> from Sandra Loosemore, Jeff Dalton, JonL White, Gail Zacharias and David
> Moon.
> However, there's no new version.

Last I knew, JonL had said there were "conceptual" problems.  I said
that, if there were, I didn't understand what they were.  And that was
the last I saw on this topic.  Maybe I'd managed to convince JonL?

In Hawaii, some people objected on grounds of efficiency or because
they didn't have a spare bit (see the Rees suggestion in the

I think the ammendments proposed in Hawaii might have answered both
kinds of objection, but I remember thinking that some of the
ammendments were unnecessary or wrong.

Perhaps those who still have objections can say what they would like
to change and why.