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Re: Issue: READ-CASE-SENSITIVITY (Version 1)

> All in all, though, I like somebody's (Gray's?) suggestion of a
> function rather than a table. The default being #'CHAR-UPCASE, and
> #'IDENTITY being another obvious choice.

It was indeed Gray's suggestion.

I also prefer the function to the keyword.  However, can we allow
arbitrary functions or would that cause problems for the printer?

> The reason I like the function rather than the keyword is that you
> don't have to initially provide the alternate functionality -- user's
> can add it.

Can they or do the functions have to be from a set known to the

> In the case of the keyword, it has to be given by the system so you're
> at the mercy of the implementors as to which options you get.  I think
> this feature is worth the added complexity.

I am somewhat uneasy about allowing arbitrary translations rather
than just having a case switch.  I would rather have the general
mechanism but not if it would cause prople to oppose an issue they
would otherwise support.

-- Jeff