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    Date: 14 Mar 89 08:24 PST
    From: masinter.pa@xerox.com

    Your thoughts?

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The proposal doesn't compensate for the mistake of having
disassociated restarts from context in the first place.

All restarts should have associated with them a real predicate
(not just a screwy wired-in (lambda (c) (eq c associated-condition)))
In general the applicability of a restart depends on the dynamic
environment in which it invoked as well as that in which it
was established.

All restarting forms should require a condition argument (-not- NIL.)

Why on earth do ABORT, USE-VALUE, etc still exist?

The business about COPY-CONDITION is completely confused.

I don't care for the syntax, though it isn't worse than
that of the rest of the condition system.