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   Date: Wed, 15 Mar 89 23:32:47 PST
   From: Jon L White <jonl@lucid.com>
   Also, I note that all of the discussion on the Cl-cleanup list was by
   persons other than the half-dozen or so maintainers of "stock hardware"
   compilers.  I personally spoke with three others (not including myself)
   at Hawaii, and we all have identical requirements for the type SIMPLE-ARRAY,
   and identical resolve that it must not be changed.  Our compilers will
   continue to offer this C-level optimization capability; the only 
   question is whether or not the CL1989 Standard will be cognizant of it.

I am very concerned about the stock hardware, but also very confused.
I understand that the stock-hardware implementors adamantly oppose
the proposed change, but I still have not seen a single convincing
example of why the proposed change would prevent them from accomplishing
the desired optimizations or why the proposed change would defeat
portability.  I acknowledge that JonL has provided an example or two,
but I have not found them convincing.  So either these examples are
wrong, or I am badly wedged; in either case I need further explanation.