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re: 	Under the strict interpretation implementation (A) is incorrect by
	definition.  Under the liberal interpretation implementation (A) is
	correct, and accomplishes a useful purpose. ...

Guy, I'm totally confused by your "analysis" now;  the whole point of
the example is to show that portability is sacrificed under what you are
calling the "liberal" interpretation -- that altering the CLtL semantics
of SIMPLE-ARRAY makes it non portable.  As I look back into your
previous msg, I see that you did say:
    Now, the two implementations behave differently on the example, and that 
    is a cause for concern.
Also, your statement just quoted above shows the variations possible under
implementation (A) and (B), thus reiterating the non-portability question
I brought up.   Thus you'll have to admit that my example showed *exactly* 
what I claimed it did.  

However, I disagree with your judgement -- that it is better to accept an 
interpretation that allows more variation among implementations -- because 
the variation you are thereby accommodating means that the type is no longer 
portable.  We may be stuck with that position, but I don't agree that it
is a good thing.

-- JonL --