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    From: sandra%defun@cs.utah.edu (Sandra J Loosemore)
    Date: Thu, 23 Mar 89 07:44:49 MST

    Proposal KEYWORD-ARGUMENT is the least objectionable of the bunch, but
    I still don't like it.  I still claim that there is no portable way to
    use MAKE-PATHNAME (even if the problems with case are involved),
    because there are other problems with things like the lengths of
    strings and what characters are valid in the various pathname fields
    on different file systems. 
Are you saying that there is no portable way to make any desired
pathname or that even if you limit your program to a "portable" subset
of file names that there is no portable way to manipulate them.  

Such a portable subset might be a single alphabetic case, digits, 0 or
1 period, and no more than 14 characters total.  You might be able to
add underscore are well.