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Meeting 1 hour before plenary session?

    Date: 23 Mar 89 12:19 PST
    From: masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    I'm back near a mailbox. Can we get together an hour before the main
    session to go over the cleanup report agenda? I want to order the cleanup
    issues so that we handle the "important" ones first. I roughly think that

    a) fix the cleanups that were previously broken

    b) clarifications

    c) changes

    c) additions

    within each category, order mainly by age: handle oldest issues first. But
    then, there are some of these that are more 'important' that we'll want to
    mess up the order. 

This sounds good.  Also we may want to move related issues next to each
other (although the pathname issues will be next to each other in alphabetical

    I plan to put together a proposal for dealing with these over the next few
    days and will mail it out, but you might want to come prepared with your
    own list of "things that are critically important to get voted on this

It's too late to mail any more things out, at least for me.  I hope not to
work this weekend.