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There were hardcopy amendments distributed. The hardcopy said:

  Proposed amendments to DEFMACRO-LAMBDA-LIST     KMP 3/30/89
						  (from MLY)
  A. [Friendly] In 1b, change "may only appear at any level"
			   to "may appear at any level".
  B. [Vote separately]
     1.  Prohibit/Permit (&whole W &environment E A B)   ``After &Whole''
     2.  Prohibit/Permit (&environment E &whole W A B)   ``Before &Whole''
     3.  Prohibit/Permit (&whole W A B &environment E)   ``Last''
     4.  Prohibit/Permit (&whole W A &environment E B)   ``Middle''

My notes say that we approved amendments A & B (``permit all four'')
and we added an amendment that said that &ENVIRONMENT would not be
duplicated in a DEFMACRO lambda-list.

The amended proposal was passed N-0-1.