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 From my notes...

 On Tuesday, we took a straw poll.
   0 opposed both proposals.
  15 liked NEW-MACRO.
   7 liked SELECT-ONLY.
 ``Keeping IN-PACKAGE makes no difference to compatibility.'' --Moon
 Pitman moved to amend this to say "deprecate" instead of remove.
 The motion to amend failed 3-N.
 The NEW-MACRO proposal passed unamended 12-4.

 On Thursday, Aaron Larson and JonL asked that the issue be reconsidered.
 The motion to reconsider passed N-1.
 There was a motion to rename the SELECT-PACKAGE which we'd voted in to
 IN-PACKAGE -- so that the compatible syntax (IN-PACKAGE "FOO") would work
 in CLtL and ANSI CL.
 Steele requested verbal clarification that we were not trying to solve
 the ``dusty file'' problem but rather to make it possible to write new code
 that worked in old and new situations -- it was agreed that this was a
 correct characterization of the proposal.
 JonL's amendment passed 13-1.
 Then the amended proposal was voted in 14-0.

The net effect is that NEW-MACRO passed with the name of SELECT-PACKAGE
changed to IN-PACKAGE.