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My notes say...

 People wanted PSETQ added with SETQ in the list of things SYMBOL-MACROLET
 hacks specially.

 RWK wants changes to deal with *MACRO-EXPANSION-HOOK* to clarify how it gets
 called when PSETQ and SETQ are used.  He seemed to want it called with the
 SETF expander and a consed-up SETF form. I'd rather it be called with a special
 magic expander and the actual SETQ form.

 RPG wants to flush SYMBOL-MACROLET altogether and have people just use 
 WITH-SLOTS. Many people didn't want to give up the flexibility of

 A vote on Version 6 "as is" passed 16-2.

 A straw poll was taken on the question ``should we ask RPG to draft a proposal
 for flushing SYMBOL-MACROLET.''  On a 6-8 vote, we opted not to write such
 a proposal. [That doesn't preclude him from doing it anyway, of course.]