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My notes say...

 We managed to waste lots of valuable time on this.

 Haflich seemed to want to use incredibly large negative time zones in
 order to reason about the first century A.D. or some such thing. He
 asked ``Can I make the time zone be most-positive-bignum*5?'' JonL 
 responded ``most-positive-bignum--my favorite number!''

 Moon proposed time zones be multiples of 1/3600 so that they were
 even numbers of seconds.  (Some people suspected this was a subtle
 marketing ploy for Symbolics.) This amendment was accepted 11-0.

 Pitman proposed that we limit time zone to the range [-24,24], inclusive.
 The inclusive was to allow countries to disagree on which end was open,
 since it was agreed that the correct value here is a largely political,
 rather than technical issue.  The amendment was accepted 8-5.

 The full proposal with both amendments passed 18-0.