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My notes say...

 A motion to reconsider this issue was made.
 The motion to reconsider passed 5-4.

 A motion was made to deprecate rather than to remove.
  Pitman proposed an amendment to make these macros instead of functions,
  thinking that REQUIRE and PROVIDE were part of the magic functions we
  were trying to eliminate.  He tried to withdraw the motion to amend
  when someone observed that they are not supposed to be specially treated
  but others still wanted them to be macros for some reason. Anyway, the
  amendment failed on a vote of 4-11.
 The original motion to deprecate instead of remove was voted on.
 The first count was 7-7, but someone asked for a recount.
 The next count was 7-8, but someone was late raising his hand and didn't
 think his vote had counted right.
 The next vote was 8-7. At this point, Pitman requested a roll call vote
 so there would be no dispute later.
 The results were:
  IBM		   No
  DEC		   Yes
  RWK(!)	   Yes
  TI		   No
  IIM		   Yes
  Univ of Utah     No
  Apple		   Yes
  Franz		   Yes
  Think		   Yes
  Encore	   Yes
  Honeywell	   No
  Johnson Controls No
  MCC		   No
  Xerox		   No
  Lucid		   Yes
  SMBX		   No
 The motion failed 8-8, so the result voted on at the previous meeting stands.