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Issue: THE-VALUES [was: intent of (THE <type> <expression>)]

[Outside world removed.]

    Date: Thu, 20 Apr 89 16:59:15 EDT
    From: Guy Steele <gls@Think.COM>

       What it boils down to, is that THE should check only as many types
       as requested (and pass back only as many).

    No, this is not cool.  THE is supposed to act purely as a declaration,
    but you are changing it to require it to pass on only as many values
    as the type specifer indicates.  This could change the semantics of
    a suitably devious program.

    Better to say that it checks as many types as requsted, but passes on
    exactly the values it receives.

Even though I agree with your position, I think it's worth our writing up
a clarification issue to make sure we're all agreed and that it's 100% clear
in the ANSI spec.