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    Date: 24 May 89 23:34 PDT
    From: masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    I think it is intolerable that different implementations talk about the
    *same* file system in different ways.

I agree.  I think PATHNAME-COMPONENT-VALUE is actually the right issue
in which to discuss that, although there is certainly much interaction
with other pathname issues, but if we proceed assuming that they pass,
we should be able to prescribe exact pathname component values for at
least the key file systems MS/DOS, Macintosh, Unix, and VAX/VMS.  I would
be more than willing to add to the proposal specific prescriptions for the
pathname component values in particular operating systems, except that
I cannot write this by myself.  If some other members of the cleanup 
committee will volunteer to help for particular systems, I will mail out
next week a draft writeup, or at least a framework, which they can then
correct.  How does that sound?