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Issue: MAP-INTO (Version 1)

I don't have any strong objections to this.  The only problem is that this
isn't really the function I want.  The function I really want is a variation on
REPLACE, with a function applied to the successive elements from the source
sequence and the result of the function being stored into the destination
sequence.  Probably the simplest way to add this to the language would be to
add a keyword to REPLACE (say :transform, though I don't have any strong
preference for any particular name) which defaults to IDENTITY.  I suppose I
could write this up as a seperate proposal, but I really don't have the time,
especially if I have to argue that it isn't just a puppy.

The description of MAP-INTO should be changed to be consistent with MAP and
friends, ie.

  MAP-INTO result-sequence function sequence &rest more-sequences [Function]

rather than

  MAP-INTO result-sequence function &rest sequences		[Function]