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    Date: Tue, 13 Jun 89 18:25 EDT
    From: Kim Barrett <IIM@ECLA.USC.EDU>

    :ITS ?		;I think some of these are still around.
    :TENEX ?	;Do any still exist?  I briefly used BBN LISP on one.

    Any others people want to add?

There are at least four running ITS systems in daily use around
the world, and may be more.  But there are fewer than ten.  Just
thought you'd like to know.

ITS and TENEX are listed in the Internet RFC 1010 table of system
names referenced by the proposal.  MACINTOSH is not.  Since I
couldn't find any alternate spelling in the RFC, I think this is
just an omission and MACINTOSH would be the preferred name.  I'll
add it to the list in the proposal.  I imagine Macintosh was
omitted because Apple has been a bit slow about getting into the
Internet community (in addition to doing their own proprietary