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    Date: Sun, 18 Jun 89 14:07:17 MDT
    From: sandra%defun@cs.utah.edu (Sandra J Loosemore)

    [removed x3j13, added cl-cleanup to distribution]

    >   If the array returned by ADJUST-ARRAY is not EQ to its
    >   first argument, the consequences of any reference to the original array
    >   are undefined.

    I'm not sure I understand the motivation for this restriction.  I'm
    guessing that you want to permit the storage used by the original
    array to be re-used.  

I imagine that was the intent.

			  This is OK, however, I think prohibiting
    references to the original array is going overboard -- you probably
    really want to only restrict references to its contents via AREF.

    For example, the rationale section says you should do
      (setq x (adjust-array x ...))
    Just after ADJUST-ARRAY returns, but before the SETQ happens, X
    still contains a reference to the original array, and hence this example
    is in error.

I see, the word "reference" is ambiguous.  It could mean performing an
operation on the array, or it could mean having a reference in the garbage
collector sense.  How about if "any reference to" were amended to read
"any operation on"?