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mail lossage (and Issue: READ-CASE-SENSITIVITY (Version 3))

I did get this

>     Date: Fri, 16 Jun 89 19:35:44 BST
>     From: Jeff Dalton <jeff%aiai.edinburgh.ac.uk@NSFnet-Relay.AC.UK>
>     I am not going to be able to come to the meeting but would
>     still like to see this issue considered.  I wasn't present
>     for the discussion at the last meeting, but my understanding
>     is that the committee wanted to see the issue again with
>     only a single proposal.  
> Yes, a single proposal is much better.  I'd very much like to see
> this considered, and a single proposal will make that much easier.
> 			     Unfortunately, I don't know which
>     proposal (keyword or function) most people prefer.
> I don't either, but I know that at Symbolics we strongly prefer
> the keyword proposal.  Since the discussion section says you prefer
> the keyword proposal, perhaps as the author you could use your
> discretion to opt for that proposal and send out a version 4
> omitting the function proposal and the discussion of the relative
> merits of the two proposals.

> [etc.]

If anyone sent me mail this weekend (or mail that may have arrived
before this afternoon (UK time), I probably didn't get it, because
the machine that receives my CL mail was very broken.

-- Jeff