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Welcome to the Common Lisp Object-Oriented Programming Subgroup.
In order to mail to this group, send to the address:


Capitalization is not necessary, and if you are directly on the ARPANET,
you can nickname SU-AI.ARPA as SAIL. An archive of messages is kept on
SAIL in the file:


You can read this file or FTP it away without logging in to SAIL.

To communicate with the moderator, send to the address:


Here is a list of the people who are currently on the mailing list:

Person			Affiliation	Net Address

Richard Greenblatt	LMI		"rg%oz"@mc
Scott Fahlman		CMU		fahlman@cmuc
Eric Schoen		Stanford	schoen@sumex
Gordon Novak		Univ. of Texas	novak@utexas-20
Kent Pitman		MIT		kmp@mc
Dick Gabriel		Stanford/Lucid	rpg@sail
David Wile		ISI		Wile@ISI-VAXA
Martin Griss		HP		griss.hplabs@csnet-relay (I hope)
Walter VanRoggen	DEC		wvanroggen@dec-marlboro
Richard Zippel		MIT		rz@mc
Dan Oldman		Data General	not established
Larry Stabile		Apollo		not established
Bob Kessler		Univ. of Utah	kessler@utah-20
Steve Krueger		TI		krueger.ti-csl@csnet-relay
Carl Hewitt		MIT		hewitt-common-objects@mc
Alan Snyder		HP		snyder.hplabs@csnet-relay
Jerry Barber		Gold Hill	jerryb@mc
Bob Kerns		Symbolics	rwk@mc
Don Allen		BBN		allen@bbnf
David Moon		Symbolics	moon@scrc-stonybrook
Glenn Burke		MIT		GSB@mc
Tom Bylander		Ohio State	bylander@rutgers
Richard Soley		MIT		Soley@mc
Dan Weinreb		Symbolics	DLW@scrc-stonybrook
Guy Steele		Tartan		steele@tl-20a
Jim Meehan		Cognitive Sys.	meehan@yale
Chris Reisbeck		Yale		riesbeck@yale

The first order of business is for each of us to ask people we know who may
be interested in this subgroup if they would like to be added to this list.

Next, we ought to consider who might wish to be the chairman of this subgroup.
Before this happens, I think we ought to wait until the list is more nearly
complete. For example, there are no representatives of Xerox, and I think we
agree that LOOPS should be studied before we make any decisions.