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Re: Instance variables

I'm seeing a consensus that we should concentrate first on defining
hooks into Common Lisp for implementing Flavors, Loops, and the like.
If there are people out there that think that this is a mistake but have
been too busy or shy to contribute to this discussion, now's the time to
put forth an alternative.

Regarding my comment about SETQ of instance variables.
Of course there is no problem if you view methods  (or objects) as
closures.  What I was referring to is the idea that a method is an
ordinary function with an implicit (LET ((var-1 (GetValue var-1 ..)) ...
(var-n (GetValue var-n ..))) ...) around it.

I have question for Flavors people.  "self" is treated specially by the
micro-code rather than being a special variable.  Do you think it
reasonable for Common Lisp to hack "self" or would you be happy with
just send and give up on funcall for message passing?  Loops passes
"self" around as the first argument and its just an ordinary lambda
variable which can have any name.  Does flavors require "self" to be
treated specially and if so what do you propose Common Lisp do about it?