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Re: Instance variables

    Date: 19 Nov 84 09:39 PST
    From: Kahn.pa@XEROX.ARPA

    I have question for Flavors people.  "self" is treated specially by the
    micro-code rather than being a special variable.  Do you think it
    reasonable for Common Lisp to hack "self" or would you be happy with
    just send and give up on funcall for message passing?  Loops passes
    "self" around as the first argument and its just an ordinary lambda
    variable which can have any name.  Does flavors require "self" to be
    treated specially and if so what do you propose Common Lisp do about it?

I sure can't understand a word of this question.  Which, if any, of the
following possible interpretation of your question is what you meant?

  - Would Flavors people please discourse upon the difference between the
    3600 and CADR implementations of flavors, with respect to the point that
    in the CADR the variable SELF is special but in the 3600 it is lexical.

  - Do we want instances of flavors to be usable as functions, with FUNCALL
    and APPLY, or do we want them only to be invocable with SEND?

  - What should the Common Lisp ARGLIST function return when given a method
    as its argument?

  - What parts of the mechanism for accessing instance variables supplied
    by the proposed Common Lisp object-oriented-programming kernel should
    be hidden, and what parts should be exposed to the portable programmer?

  - Would Flavors people please discourse upon the virtues and/or uglinesses
    of their DEFUN-METHOD feature.