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Re: Instance variables

Sorry I wasn't too clear.

  [- Would Flavors people please discourse upon the difference between
    3600 and CADR implementations of flavors, with respect to the point
    in the CADR the variable SELF is special but in the 3600 it is
 --- I didn't know that self was lexical on the 3600.  The question is
how could one implement "self" without hooks into Common Lisp.  Is
"self" a hidden instance variable?  Can one bind it or set it explictly?
(This may be useful for explicit delagation or forwarding of messsages.)

 [ - Do we want instances of flavors to be usable as functions, with
    and APPLY, or do we want them only to be invocable with SEND?]
--- This is related to the qustion of implementation.  Isn't it the case
that on a 3600 FUNCALL and APPLY bind "self" or is this no longer the
case?  If it is then perhaps Common Lisp needs a hook to accomplish

  [- What parts of the mechanism for accessing instance variables
    by the proposed Common Lisp object-oriented-programming kernel
    be hidden, and what parts should be exposed to the portable
---This is an interesting question though I wasn't asking it.

  [- Would Flavors people please discourse upon the virtues and/or
    of their DEFUN-METHOD feature.]
---This more related to what I was asking a couple of weeks ago.
Should instance variables look like Common Lisp variables and what's
involved in making that work?