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Silence breaker

As some of you may know, I am working on a kit for building menu-driven
graphical interfaces [such as document illustrators, circuit diagrammers,
etc.] called EzWin. The kit provides protocols for representing menu commands as
objects, mouse sensitivity and selection of graphical objects. It also tries to 
separate the functionality of commands from the interface techniques and allow
alternative interaction styles. It is at a level considerably above the "just
bits on the screen" one at which Boetje@Dec's proposal is aimed, but would be
complementary to such proposals. A wide range of interesting graphical interfaces
is easily specifiable using this approach. I hadn't designed it with a "language
standard" in mind, but perhaps standardizing things at this level as well might
productive, promoting portability of interfaces. 

I am currently preparing a paper on it for SigGraph '85. Interested people can
send me a message with US Mail address for a copy. It is too long for
transmission on this list and has many pictures.