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Sigh, I suppose its about time for me to take the plunge and get onto
CL-OBJECT-ORIENTED-PROGRAMMING. QLOGO is an object oriented extension
to LOGO, in the sense that it comes from a
Papert/Mit/LogoLab[defunct]/Atari-Cambridge-Research[defunct] school
of thought.  Related ideas are embodied in an OBLISP implementation
now in the polishing stage. A key thing here is a view of the variable
lookup mechanism, or rather that you can get "message passing" effects
simply by generalizing the variable binding and lookup mechanism in
certain directions, without the need to introduce an orthogonal notion
of TYPEness explicitely, nor of a message-namespace (which ends up
being rather flat in usage of extant flavor implementations).

Maybe after a couple weeks on this mailing list I can get enough
of an idea of what the scope and purpose of the discussions are
to give a more detailed answer that isnt too detailed
(in the sense that it would either be boring or give away too
many useful unpublished tricks).