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Summary of CL OOP Meeting on August 6

On Wednesday afternoon after the Lisp conference there was a meeting of
the Common Lisp object-oriented programming committee.  There were
somewhere between 50 and 100 people there.  A very clear consensus was
reached that we should go with CommonLoops and that the whole community
would be involved in working out the details.  In particular, Symbolics
agreed to work closely with Xerox to iron out the differences between
New Flavors and CommonLoops.  (On Friday they had a day long meeting.) A
draft of a spec was promised by the end of September (the OOPSLA
conference).  In addition, Xerox promised to update Portable CommonLoops
to keep it in accordance with the spec.  It is hoped that a final
version of the spec will be ready by the end of the year.
Representatives from Xerox, Lucid, Symbolics, LMI, HP, Sun, and the
Japanese CommonLisp committee all backed this consensus.

----- ken