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[Common-Lisp removed in favor of more specific mailing lists.]

    Date: Mon, 10 Jul 89 13:49:20 PST
    From: goldman@vaxa.isi.edu
    To: common-lisp@sail.stanford.edu
    Message-Id: <8907102149.AA27155@vaxa.isi.edu>
    Is it the case that the expansion code for a symbol-macro, (unlike
    a lexical macro introduced with MACROLET) has not means to obtain
    the current lexical environment?

It doesn't get to execute code in order to produce the expansion,
so obtaining the environment would be meaningless.  The only question
is, does it get the lexical environment of the binding-point or the
usage-point. I posed a question like the following to several CLOS 
implementors at the last X3J13 meeting.

   (MACROLET ((FOO () 2))

Consensus seems to be that it is currently defined to return 2.

I think some people consider this a feature, though I've not seen a
serious example which shows why. Personally, I think it's a bug.
I'd rather that it return 1.