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    Date: 11 Oct 87  2101 PDT
    From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@SAIL.Stanford.EDU>

    Please vote for indefinite or dynamic [extent of CALL-NEXT-METHOD]

I really don't care what the standard says, but if you want me to
predict how Symbolics will implement it, I believe we will implement it
as indefinite extent.  Certainly that is how we implement the
corresponding feature of whoppers now.  (The extent is optimized to
dynamic if the compiler can prove that dynamic extent is adequate,
otherwise it remains indefinite.)

By the way, the closure captures the method objects, but not the method
functions; in other words, if you redefine a method, then call the
closure, the closure will call the new definition of the next method.
This is the same as the way we treat ordinary function calls in closures
(I don't believe CLtL actually prescribes what should happen in this
case.  Should CLOS?)