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Subject: Re: Should redefining a class reinitialize shared slots?
In-Reply-To: Msg of 30 Sep 87 17:30 PDT from Danny Bobrow <Bobrow.pa@xerox.com>

         It seems to me the only predictable rules are: (1) all
         class slots retain their values when the class is redefined. (2)
         all class slots are reinitialized when the class is redefined.
         I prefer rule 1 because it is analogous to the rule for
         instance slots. Also, it's easier to reinitialize a slot that was
         retained than to retain a slot that was reinitialized, if a user
         wants to implement behavior different from the default.
     I find these arguments strong, but still find rule 2 is most consistent.
     Rule 1 probably is desirable in most cases, but I think will be
     confusing when we consider the above cases -- again, shades of DWIM.  My
     intuition is not strong on this, so I would like to see opinions from
     Gregor and Patrick (others too, of course).
If we think of those slots as shared instead of class slots, then the
issue of consistency of behavior with local slots becomes more important.
They shouldn't be reinitialized when the class gets redefined.