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Re: Shared/class;local/instance

     Danny and I agreed to the following terminological definition. If y'all
     agree, we'll go with it:
     1. We adopt the terms ``local'' and ``shared'' to describe the visibility
     or scope of slots. The first, ``local,'' will refer to slots that are
     visible to exactly one instance.  The second, ``shared,'' will refer to
     slots that are visible to a subset of the instances of a given class and
     its subclasses.  Often this subset is the same as the set of instances of
     the class and its subclasses, but a smaller subset can result if a
     subclass redefines the slot to be local to its instances.

I don't think this paragraph is correct if you don't delete the marked
words.  Redefining a slot as a shared slot in a subclass S of a class C
affect the visibility of this slots as well.  the new slot (seen by the
instances of S) will not be shared with those of C.